Why Samba?

Samba gives so much more benefits.

  • Share in the annual profits of the Co-operative.
  • No levies or transaction fees on any purchases.
  • Up to 45 days interest-free credit for purchases made.
  • Safer to use your Samba card instead of cash.
  • Get more benefits after 1 year membership.
  • Earn cash back.


Samba is a Co-operative which was established by the consumer in 1938. Any consumer can apply for membership to the Co-operative. A Samba card is issued to the member with which the consumer do purchases at Samba suppliers. Members receive a monthly account from Samba reflecting all purchases made for the previous month. November of each year the profit of the Co-operative is paid out or distributed to the members as a percentage of bonus on their purchases made during the year.

The consumer becomes a member of the Co-operative and because of that members are joint owners of Samba and there are no majority shareholders.

Join Samba

Complete information: Name, Email and submit. Open application in pdf and print out. Completed applications can be sent to: info@sambakoop.com or fax to
051-4307564, 051-4446255, 053-8312806
or 041-3632737.

The following documents must accompany the application:

  • Proof of residential address.
  • Copy of ID.
  • Most recent month’s bank statement OR most recent payslip.

Fill in the form to access the application document.

Applications are subject to approval. Terms and Conditions apply.

Samba Card

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