Revolving Credit

Apply for a Revolving credit account after six months membership for larger purchases to be paid in instalments and still earn bonus on these purchases!*

What do I need to know about the Samba Revolving credit account?

  • Minimum monthly payment is applicable.
  • You can also pay a voluntary instalment per month, subject to the minimum monthly payment.
  • The instalment payable will be shown and added to your regular Samba account.
  • Interest of 16%* per annum is charged over the repayment period.
  • As payments are made, new purchases can be done on the account until the allowed limit is reached again.

How Revolving Credit works


What do I need?

  • Completed revolving credit application form. Download  HERE.
  • Most recent month’s bank statement or most recent payslip or financial statements, if self-employed.
  • A copy of your ID.
  • Proof of Residence.
* The costs and interest can change from time to time as determined by the credit provider. Terms and conditions are applicable. Applications and limits are subject to approval. Maximum limits applicable.