Short Term Insurance

You should enjoy life while we help you look after your valuables!

Samba offers competitive premiums and a monthly bonus when paying your short term insurance through Samba.

Life is full of uncertainties for which we attempt to prepare. One often hears of unforeseen circumstances like a car accident or homes being burgled. While you hope it will never happen to you, there is always that nagging feeling that something may go wrong. Short term insurance allows you to protect your valuables against an unexpected loss you may not be able to afford.

Samba offers insurance through Santam.

Santam offers an exclusive policy plan to Samba members, to insure all of your assets in one comprehensive policy. The basic package consists of homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, all-risk policy, home contents insurance etc. The monthly premium is debited against your Samba account on which you will also receive a monthly bonus from Samba.

Advantages of paying your short term insurance through Samba:

  • Competitive premiums.
  • Monthly bonus.
  • Exclusive policy plans available to Samba members.
  • Good value for money while you save on monthly premiums.
  • Insurance from an insurer with a proven track record and a history of reliability.
  • Payment through Samba help you save unnecessary fees due to bank debit orders.

If you are already insured at Santam, but do not pay your premium via Samba, consider changing your payment method to enjoy the added benefits Samba offers.

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